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LEAD-ACID batteries

For many decades, lead-acid technology was the only practical method for storing electrical energy. Improved on numerous occasions, it was present in all applications needing batteries. Despite more recent and more efficient competing technologies (NiCD, NiMH and Li-ion), it is still widely used today, thanks to some of its features, specifically including: its high short circuit currents (engine starting), its insensitivity to a 100% constant charge state (UPS, energy cabinet) and - by no means least - its cheapest stored kWh cost.

Depending on the application in question, the electrodes (more or less pure lead plates) and the electrolyte (in aqueous or gel form, but always based on sulphuric acid - H2SO4) are adapted to optimise one or the other performance. A number of alternatives are therefore available.

Genesis NP

This range of zero filling, zero maintenance sealed batteries is fundamentally "universal". Its lead-calcium technology gives it an excellent floating working life of between 3 and 5 years.
It is found in alarms, UPS, golf buggies, etc.

Download the Genesis NP range: Enersys Genesis NP

  Lead-acid battery - Enersys NP


Generally consisting of a number of square plates, the 2 electrodes in this case are pure lead, having the shape of a long spiral tape placed in a cylindrical metal can. The power density obtained in this way is greater and the temperature range is very wide (-65° to +80°)

Download the Cyclon range: Enersys Cyclon

  Lead-acid battery - Enersys Cyclon


Optimised for service in extreme conditions, the Odyssey range contains a number of fine pure lead (99.99%) plates. The result is beyond reproach: unbelievably high short-circuit currents (double that of a conventional battery) while guaranteeing numerous cycles, even in deep discharges. Their high resistance to vibrations is also remarkable.
They are seen in emergency service vehicles, motor sports, earthmoving plant, quad bikes, etc.

Download the Odyssey range: Enersys Odyssey

  Lead-acid battery - Enersys Odyssey

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