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ALKALINE AIR Primary Batteries

Alkaline air batteries will seek in the air the oxygen necessary for their satisfactory operation. Different electrochemical pairings are possible (alkaline air, acid air, etc.). The feature of the alkaline air pairing is its very high energy density: up to 380 Wh/kg and consequently its low weight at a given capacity.

The immense simplicity of their manufacture, as well as relatively inexpensive raw materials comes to a very cheap energy source. They have been used successfully for years in road signing, electrified fences, railways, etc.

Road signing


  • Compact design
  • Constant output throughout the discharge
  • Very high energy density (380 Wh/kg)
  • Air intake cut off when the battery is removed from the lantern
  • Cheap 
  • Considerable backup owing to high capacities (12V - 700Ah)
  Alkaline Air Traffic

Electrified fences


  • Voltage 9V or 12V
  • Constant output throughout the discharge
  • Low internal discharge (Reduced loss in the battery)
  • Cheap 

Any format for standalone devices up to 0.8 joules.

  Alkaline Air electric fences



  • Voltage 1.4V, 4.5V or 9V
  • Use in safety lanterns (technical intervention, train formation, etc.)
  • Very high backup
  • Cheap 
  Alkaline Air railway

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