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Steeped in electrical history ...

HELPELEK has been a player for some decades in advice on, supply and monitoring of electrical equipment for the Business to Business sector.

We represent European manufacturers and distribute their products. We have gained knowledge and experience that we make available to our clients to help them select the product best suited to their application.

Atex   ATEX eclairage secours

Whether it relates to Explosion-protected or Enhanced Safety equipment, our expertise in the heavily regulated and safety-conscious ATEX field is often a help much appreciated by our clients. Our design office can also produce plans for your new projects.

Batteries au Nickel   Batteries au Lithium

Nowadays, the battery is an everyday part of our life. It accompanies us everywhere for convenience reasons (watch, smartphone, car starting, satellites, …) or for safety (pacemaker, alarms, emergency lighting, …). It comes in a wide range of of shapes, capacities, performance, electrochemical couple, … Each technology (lead-acid, zinc, cadmium, lithium, …) has advantages and limits and a substantial number are still likely to see very promising developments in the years to come. Whether for a new project or for a replacement, Helpelek is right beside you to supply the ideal battery.

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Our strengths

• Very long experience

• Low response time

• Multi-technologies expertise

• Factory agent

• Solutions to order

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