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Choose from a vast breadth of Flameproof and Increased Safety products that meet rigorous Zone 1-2 and 21-22 ratings – from lighting to plugs and sockets to junction boxes, panelboards, control stations and cable glands. Our engineers have developed innovations across all product lines, making Appleton’s ATX the premier provider of electrical products for use in IEC and ATEX locations.

The ATX brand name is now part of Appleton / Emerson - a prestigious name among electrical equipment suppliers on the North American market.

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LED lighting



  ATEX lighting

Plugs and sockets

  ATEX plugs and sockets

Junction Boxes & enclosures

  ATEX boxes and enclosures

Control station & switches

  ATEX control station

Panelboards & Motor Starters

  ATEX control panel

Cable glands

  ATEX cable gland

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• Very long experience

• Low response time

• Multi-technologies expertise

• Factory agent

• Solutions to order

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