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General terms and conditions

Unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing, all contracts performed by us are concluded under these general conditions.

1. We do not accept any conditions contained in the documents of our customers and suppliers. Only our own terms and conditions are applicable by virtue of our order confirmation.

2. Our delivery times are purely indicative and are not binding on us in any way. Our customers shall be obliged to accept early or partial performance of the contract if circumstances beyond our control make this necessary. Any delay in delivery can only give rise to damages if they have been specifically agreed and accepted by us and can in no case justify the cancellation of orders.

Acts of God and force majeure entitle us to terminate all or part of our commitments or to suspend their execution without compensation or notice. Circumstances occurring either at our premises or at our suppliers and/or subcontractors that prevent or hinder the execution of the contract are conventionally considered as force majeure.

3. Quotations and proposals from our representatives and agents are only binding on us as preliminary proposals for a contract. Our suppliers' catalogues and price lists are sent to customers for documentary purposes and are not binding on us. Our suppliers reserve the right to modify the technical specifications of their catalogues and their prices.

4. We reserve the right to invoice any order as soon as it is ready in our shops or warehouses if the customer is late in giving shipping orders.

5. Our goods are deemed to be received and approved in our workshops in Brussels or, if the delivery is made from the factory of one of our suppliers, in the workshops of the latter, even if the transport is carried out by us, even if the supply is free of charge.

6. Studies, plants and documents of any kind given to clients remain our entire property, both material and intellectual: they may not be communicated to third parties, nor may they be executed without our written authorization or that of our suppliers, and must be returned to us at our request.

7. We reserve the right to demand an advance payment from the customer, either before the execution of a contract or even after the partial execution of a contract.

Refusal to comply with this condition shall entitle us to cancel the entire contract or, as the case may be, the part of it still to be performed and in any case to suspend all shipments.

8. Our guarantee for new and replacement parts and repairs is limited to the guarantee given by our suppliers. This is in principle for one year, unless otherwise specified on the order form: any claim for apparent defects must be sent to us by registered letter within 3 days of receipt of the goods.

We decline all responsibility when our goods are repaired by persons not approved by us.

When we have recognized the defective nature of one of our supplies, our guarantee is limited, at our discretion, to either the cancellation of our invoice relating to these supplies, or to the replacement of these supplies, to the exclusion of all other damages.

Defects in one part of the order do not entitle the customer to refuse the entire contract. We never guarantee the existence of a stock of spare parts.

9. Unless otherwise stipulated in the order confirmation, our invoices are payable within 30 days of the date of invoice. All possible costs are to be borne by the customer. They are payable at our registered office. When we have accepted a payment in advance, the purchaser undertakes to accept bills of exchange drawn on him by us, with interest and costs and agios at his expense.

If an invoice is not paid, even partially, by the due date, the unpaid amount shall automatically be increased by collection costs and a late payment interest of 1.5% per month.

In addition, in the event that an invoice is not paid within 8 days of a formal notice, the amount will be increased by a fixed indemnity for administrative costs, equal to 15% of the unpaid amount with a minimum of 50 € and a maximum of 500 €.

Failure to pay an invoice on the due date shall result in the loss of any discounts that may have been granted and all invoices, even if not yet due, shall become payable.

Unless expressly stipulated otherwise in writing, our agents or representatives are not authorized to collect our invoices.

10. In case of cash on delivery, all collection costs will also be charged to the customer.

11. If we issue a bill of exchange, this shall not entail novation. The present general terms and conditions shall remain applicable.

12. Any dispute whatsoever between the parties shall fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Brussels and in particular the Justice of the Peace of the Canton of Brussels.

13. In the event of a dispute, only the French version of the "General Conditions" in the text is authentic.


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