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LITHIUM primary batteries

The primary (non-rechargeable) battery was the first method of domesticating electricity. The simple placing in contact of different materials in the presence of an electrolyte creates a potential difference and hence an electric current.

Various electrochemical pairs currently cohabit. Those based on lithium can claim a high energy density as well as a very low auto-discharge rate.

Li-SOCl2 (Lithium-Thionyl Chloride)

High energy, high voltage, long life and high temperature range.
The spooled design of the LS series targets it at long term applications (5-20 years) with very low currents, whereas the LSH spiral series is targeted at applications needing higher direct currents.

Download the Saft Li-SOCl2 range: Saft Li-SOCl2

  Saft Li-SOCl2 battery

Li-SO2 (Lithium-Sulphur Dioxide)

High power, excellent behaviour in cold environments.
The spiral design of the LO and G series targets them at mean direct current applications superimposed on high current pulses (up to 20A).

Download the Saft Li-SO2 range: Saft Li-SO2

  Saft Li-SO2 battery

Li-MnO2 (Lithium-Manganese Dioxide)

High power and high energy without passivation.
The spiral design of the L and LM series targets them at average direct current applications, superimposed on medium amplitude pulses.
An excellent resistance to passivation after very long storage, even at uncontrolled temperatures.

Download the Saft LI-MnO2 range: Saft Li-MnO2

  Saft Li-MnO2.png battery

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