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New IECEX and UKEX certifications, new products

Nouvelles certifications IECEx et UKEX


IECEx is an international certification system carried by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commision) that allows the assessment of a product's conformity to internationally recognized standards to be demonstrated by a third party. A number of international markets accept an IECEx certificate of conformity for direct market access. In other countries the certificate is used to demonstrate that the product complies with international standards in support of local certification.

Only "EX" certificates issued by UKCA will be accepted from January 2023 in the UK for products that previously required ATEX certification by a Notified Body.
ATEX products will only be accepted on the UK market if they have been approved as UKEX compliant from 1 January 2023, and only UK Approved Bodies will be able to issue the appropriate certificates required for entry into the UK market using the designated UK List of Approved Standards (BS).

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